Meet the cows!
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Here goes, it’s blog time. Let’s start by introducing ourselves. We are Eléonore and Rosi from Verbier Language School. A little more than 10 years ago, over a glass (or two) of wine and with our mutual love of languages, we decided to start a language school with a difference; it’s not just about grammar and verbs, we really do have a lot of fun!

Switzerland is well known for its cows and so we thought we’d keep it local and use Bluebell and Fleur to help promote the school. Fleur, the Swiss cow, is based on the Herens cows that are famous in the region for cow fighting (in a friendly way, I might add). Every spring when the snow has melted and the cows go out to pasture, the females (the Queens) push and shove each other a little and the first to walk away from the scuffle loses.

Bluebell, the black and white Friesian cow, is more commonly found in Britain (I actually used to go and milk a lovely cow called Bluebell on a farm in Kettleness during the school holidays which is where the idea came from). Eléonore and I decided that by introducing the two cows to each other it was in fact like us meeting again for the first time; a coming together of two friends of different nationalities and cultures, with the common desire to help others do the same by breaking down the language and cultural barriers.

Every week we’ll be posting useful information about Swiss integration, key phrases for surviving abroad, nursery rhymes and songs for children, and lots of other things to give you an insight into what we do here in the beautiful Swiss Alps. Bluebell and Fleur have had many an adventure over the last 10 years or so and we’ll be posting some of their stories here too.

If there are any particular topics you would like us to cover, just let us know!

See you again very soon!

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