Things to do in Autumn that begin with the letter C!
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Désalpes et fêtes d’alpage
The Désalpe and Fête de la Raclette in Le Chable last weekend was just one of the many celebrations over the next month. I was lucky enough to meet some of the cows on their way down from the mountain in Verbier last weekend. Here is a link to other ones around Switzerland:

Fête de la Châtaigne, Fully
One of our autumn favourites is the chestnut festival in Fully. Roasted chestnuts, a glass of Petite Arvine and a bit more cheese (with a helping of fruit to make you feel healthy).
13th and 14th October

Foire du Valais, Martigny
It’s become an institution in the Valais and draws thousands. This year’s theme: “It’s tea time”. For those in need of a bit of British, it’s all about London!
28th September to 7th October

It’s game season again; the huntsmen are out. Most restaurants offer a game menu throughout September and October but our absolute favourite is the Relais des Chasseurs in Chiboz. The hairy drive up to the restaurant sets the scene and you are more than ready to relax in the cosy restaurant. Just a word of advice, don’t eat for a week beforehand!






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