Ever wondered why the Valais flag has 13 stars on it?
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Ever wondered why the Valais flag has 13 stars on it?

Did you know that the Valais is made up of the Haut Valais, the Bas Valais, and the Central Valais? There are 13 districts (communes) in the Valais – Monthey, Saint-Maurice, Martigny, Entremont, Conthey, Sion, Hérens, Sierre, Loèche (Leuk), Vièrge (Visp), West and East Rarogne (Raron), Brigue (Brig), Conches (Goms); the 13 stars on the Valais flag represent the 13 districts.

The Valais is split into two linguistical parts, French and German part, so some of the names of the districts differ depending on which language you speak. The Raspille river above Sierre marks the linguistic boundary – speak French from Monthey to Sierre and German from Vièrge!

Driving through Switzerland for your summer holidays? Here’s a game to keep the whole family busy!

When Eléonore and I went on our annual ski trip last February, we went to Arosa, from one side of Switzerland to the other, passing through several of the cantons and coming close to almost all of them. To keep ourselves entertained on the 7-hour journey (it was snowing and of course we hit Zurich in perfect time for rush hour!) we decided to play the number plate game and tried to find a car from each canton. We found them all! (It’s also a great game for those going for their Swiss passport to learn about all the different cantons).

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